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Wednesday, July 13, 2005
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Family, ya gotta love 'em, LOL. We just spent the afternoon at Aunt Alma's house sorting out junk. She periodically talks about going to assisted living and when she does she will have to get rid of stuff. And guess who really will be getting rid of stuff for her..*weak smile* So we want to see what we can clean out of there while we can. So today we started upstairs in Grandma's old bedroom. We went through dressers, some sweatshirts, Norwegian sweater, a bunch of Millies clothes. Well we can't get rid of Millies clothes, Alma might use them some day. Can't get rid of the piles of fabric, cause she might use them some day. But we did get some books out of there and a few nighties and we organized some of the norwegian stuff into the cedar chest. Then we went downstairs and went through some barrels. BUNCH of quilts, feather, wool, decorative, you name it. Found out a couple of the decorative quilts were actually Ruths. Then I gave up and started to take pictures of furniture, chests, pictures, norwegian stuff, anything that I thought might be valuable. We found a pair of little wooden shoes in the backroom. Alma said they were hers. She got them during the war and everyone in her plattoon signed them. That was cool. Anyway we are going to take those pictures and put some little blurb with them and have someone put it on a website, that way everyone can see and enjoy them. Also when the time comes, we can figure out someway to fairly distribute it. Barb is thinking a lottery. I don't know what I would want. I love Grandmas rocker, the norwegian chests are neat tho. Some of the furniture is neat but doesn't remind me of grandma very much. I probably could have gotten a norwegian sweater if I wanted, but I would never wear it. I do like the spinning wheel and i'm probably the only person in the family who has actually used one. Oh I don't know, we will see. There is a picture of the old family land back in norway, that is neat. We want to make copies of it so many people can have it. So much to do over there, it is going to take years to go through it all.

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Updated: Wednesday, July 13, 2005 6:52 PM CDT

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