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Friday, July 15, 2005
What to wear......
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Opps, I didn't get in a post yesterday. I ran up to Ames and stopped at Heartland to talk to some of the seniors. It was good. There were still seniors that remembered me. A few more years and that probably won't be so. I also dropped off some clothes at Goodwill and some popcans at the recycling center.

Today: I finally got a call for an interview. Mercy called told me that the positions I had applied for were filled but wanted to know if I was interested in one on one of the tele floors. I said yes and now I have an interview on monday.

So now I have to get myself pulled together. Allan and I ran down and got my reference paper from Mia and ate at Golden Corral. Tummy is full now...*GRIN* Now I need to make up some cover letters and print everything off, make a nice little package for the interviewers. And what to wear?? Wish I was 30 lbs ligher, I prefered the clothes I had then to what I have now. They told me that the interview would last up to 3 hours. So I need something fairly comfortable. Carey will interview me first and then take me to 9S and 7N. I'm excited and nervous. I was hoping Methodist would be calling so I could interview there about the same time. That way I could compare the two hospitals. Oh well least I have done my clinicals at Methodist. Maybe tomorrow I will go see if I can find some better interview clothes....hmmm...what to wear.....what to wear...

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