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Saturday, July 16, 2005
getting ready
Mood:  lazy
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Today was spent finding something to wear for the interview. I went to several different places looking for a shirt for my linen suit, or a black jacket...ended up with a new pantsuit. It looked cool and only cost 37 dollars. I came home and was printing off my resume....oppps...hope no one looked real close at it. I found several little errors mainly punctuation/spelling/spaces that kinda stuff. I am not real sure when I actually got my EMT-B. I put down one date but I think it was a year earlier now. Guess I'll print off a few copies of the corrected resume and give them to them if they want them. I need to make a few copies of my letters from Brad, Michelle and Mia. Not sure what I want, I want a good job and hopefully where ever I go it will be good.

Posted by debblynn13 at 11:23 PM CDT

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