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Wednesday, July 20, 2005
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Opps, I knew I would have a problem with this journaling thing. Seems I missed a few what has happened since saturday.

Spent the day, after church, printing out resumes, references, making copies of my letters and trying to figure out what I would say and ask during the interviews.

Interview day...I was a nervous wreck. At least it was a bit cooler so that helped some. My interview with Carey went well. I think she liked me. Then I was sent up to 9S to interview with Terri. She was very informative and I felt we fit pretty well. I think I could work for her. I am a bit more nervous about the working conditions. It seems quite claustrophobic and not as organized as Methodist was. But then on the other hand there were aspects that were better than methodist, like having supplies right outside the room. No computer charting here for the moment, sounds like it will be coming in a little over a month tho. So I guess I would be learning with everyone else.

Then it was on to 7N and Dori. I didn't feel that interview went as well. It was short and she didn't ask me very many questions. I think I got off on the wrong foot somewhere. 7 was a bit more organized and seemed more open not sure why. But 7 has more pulmonary type patients and not sure I want to deal with mucous...*bleck*

Not much happened today, just rested up from monday and that stress. I did write thankyou notes to all my interview people and then wrote Methodist HR and asked what was going on with my application there.

Today starts the nerves again. First Methodist oncology floor calls and schedules an interview for friday. This is the one I wanted...I think....Do I really? People sick, dying, vomiting, irritable, dangerous I really want this? Can I do this?? *BIG BREATH* Then in the afternoon, Mercy calls. I have the job on 9S if i want it. Oh God what do I I take it and give up on Methodist? or do I give up the job and hope I get something at Methodist? So I told her that I couldnt' say yes right now and that I have another interview on friday. She gave me until monday to decide. Guess that way I can at least see what Methodist has to offer and whether I want to gamble on it or not.

Ok that catches me up. I did make an appt tomorrow to get my hair cut. It is getting kinda stringy. I probably should also call the doc tomorrow and see about an appt. My b/p has been high for awhile now and I can't seem to get it down. I don't want to go to Mercy for a physical and have them turn me down for it. hmm.....does that mean I have decided??

Oh guess I didn't tell you....the Mercy job would be 12's..7-7 day/night rotation. That means 6 days out of the month I wouldn't see Allan. But Methodist I think is nights, so I wouldn't be home to sleep with him at all. Oh so many decisions, I know in a year I will think this is all so silly....but right now it is sooooooo stressful.

Guess I had better get off to bed.....

Posted by debblynn13 at 11:23 PM CDT

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