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Thursday, July 21, 2005
another HOT day
Mood:  chillin'
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Man has it been hot lately. Today they said with the humidity factored in it was 105 and in the sun that would be 115. Nasty stuff. Luckily I stayed inside most of the day. I did go get my hair cut and to the dollar store to get some hair mousse. I cooked out on the grill tonight and was sweating up a storm by the time I got done.

Just finished watching big brother 6. Eric is so irritating. I am glad Kasar won and hopefully he will put up Eric next week.

I checked everything out for tomorrow. My outfit is pressed and my resume is in order. I figure I need to leave here around 12 to be there on time. I am a little nervous but not quit as nervous as I was at Mercy. Mainly because, I already have a job offer. I doubt they will tell me right away if I have the job, but I will try to figure out an appropriate way to tell them that I have another job offer and I need to know as soon as possible.

I suppose I should hit the sack...tomorrow may be a long one...later

Posted by debblynn13 at 11:17 PM CDT

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