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Saturday, July 23, 2005
Mood:  a-ok

So I made it through friday and the interview. Let me back up and tell you how it went. I left home with plenty of time to spare. I figured I would stop and get a taco salad before the interview. Silly laid plans ya know. I got 5 miles out of town and remembered I had left all the contact info at the house. So back I went grabbed it....and now it was getting too late to eat. Ran down to Methodist, walked in. The floor was good. It had a good safe "you-are-home" feeling. I met Shelley in the hall and she had me sit down and wait a bit until Cherry got back upstairs. The interview went well. They asked questions, I answered. I asked questons, they answered. I think we were all pleased. Finally as we were wrapping things up I mentioned that I really needed to have some kind of idea if they planned on hiring me by monday since I had to respond to another job by monday and that Methodist was my hospital of choice. THey want me...*GRIN* So we talked about shifts and schedules. I said I would prefer nights over evenings so I could be home with my husband occassionally. But the Nurse Manager said she was going to advocate for her new nurse grad and asked the shift supervisor if she could work something out on a day/evening rotation since she didn't like a new grad to be on nights. This was the clincher. This lady was looking out for my best welfare and trying to accommodate my wants and concerns. That is the type of enviroment I want to be in. So I plan on calling on monday, talk to the HR dept and find out about pay, sign on bonus and benefits. But I can't imagine them being too out of line to the point I won't take the job. I'm excited and scared both. She did tell me I wouldn't be doing any chemo for at least 3 months, probably would even be january before I would do classes. They took me around the unit and everyone was so nice. They introduced me to everyone and the one person they didn't came up to me and introduced herself. I hope this floor is as good as it seems.

So I came home all excited. Then I found out Jake was back for a week or so. So we went out to eat at golden corral.

Today I ran up and talked to Kay. She is so overwhelmed with school right now. I am going to try to do a few little research type things for her. Hopefully this will cut down on some of her running around and she can concentrate on writing the papers instead. Al and Andy were out looking at cars/trucks while i was visiting kay. Later in the afternoon we drove down, picked up Kev and Jake and went to Fantastic Four. It was pretty good. Jake LOVED it. He wanted to tell me all about the characters DURING the movie..gonna have to gag that kid....LOL He got a little worried/scared during part of it.....he curled up next to me and covered his eyes. So sweet....*giggle*

*yawwwnnnn*....well I had better hit the sack. I'm sure Jake will be here sometime tomorrow afternoon. later...

Posted by debblynn13 at 11:29 PM CDT

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