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Monday, July 25, 2005
It is decided
Mood:  down
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It is done, decided. Now I hope I made the right decision. I called up and turned down the job on the telemetry floor and went with the oncology job instead. Now I wait until I hear from HR. If she doesn't call before wednesday, I'm suppose to call her. Then I will get some phone numbers to call for a physical....*BLECK*

I went to my doctor today and got some b/p medications. Hopefully it is just short term and after I get some weight off and relax a bit, I can stop them. So what do I do tonight? EAt three icecream bars..handfuls of mints. GEEsh....bad girl. Tomorrow is a new day, I should start keeping track of everything I am eatting and my exercise levels. Tomorrow it is suppose to be cooler so maybe we can do something outside for a change.

I'm pretty tired now, kinda relaxed. I should hit the sack, Jacob will be here early tomorrow. Sweet dreams......

Posted by debblynn13 at 10:11 PM CDT

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