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Saturday, July 30, 2005
What to say
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I DID mention that I'm not good at keeping this up....right? LOL I'll try to update you.

Jake showed up around 7 am and went back to bed...YEAHHH. I went back to bed too, but I kept hearing Jake. He got up went to the bathroom, turned on the shower..hmmmmm...finally he knocked on my door. He said he had lice so he wasked his hair and he thinks that are bugs in his bed. LOL> I checked his hair, no lice....checked the bugs. I told him once you start thinking about being itchy, it is hard to stop. He finally settled down and went back to sleep until 10. When he got up we played some computer games and then went to Ankeny to get some groceries. While we were there jake told me that he needed new clothes for school. We picked out a couple shirts and a new pair of shoes. He had ruined his sandals the day before when he stepped ont he back to take them off. It ripped them almost in half. Jake also decided we should have tacos for supper, so I got all the makings to make it like HE likes it. That means NO refried beans, just hamburger and taco seasonings.

Today I didn't do too much. Aunt Alma is 87 years old today. The family met over at her house around 6 for pizza and cake. It was a good group, Barb, John, Jim, Diann, Becky/Roger and family, Rachel and Aydan, Chris/Anne and Tim, Al/me, Kev and Jake, Johnnie.....hmmmm.....wonder who I forgot. Well as you can see it was a large group. Alma had a blast and said it was much nicer than if she had to go out somewhere.

Had to call HR today and I got the number for the occupational therapy doc. I set up the appt for next wednesday at 9:45. Maybe I can go out with allan for dinner afterwards. And she told me that I need to stop by HR and complete some forms and find out where to go the next wednesday. So that is all set up. I did start walking around town and doing some exercising. Made two miles in 20 minutes not too bad...*smile* I have to get somewhat in shape by next week.

I went for a nice walk today, I didn't quite go as fast today tho, my hips are a bit sore. I have to be careful to not over do and hurt myself. Otherwise didn't do too much. I have been incredibly lazy the last few days. I tried to convince myself to go through some stuff, but it is so overwhelming. I need to make myself do some next week.

Today allan ran up to Minn. He is interested in a truck up there. He really likes it and would like to have it.
He has the high bid right now, so now we wait and see if anyone outbids him.

I haven't exercised yet today, was too lazy this morning. Well actually I was thinking about going to ames and working out on a machine for awhile. Though that might be better than walking today. My hips are still pretty sore. But I got interested in a movie and then al came home. Guess I will have to walk tonight after it gets cooler. I think we will be going out for supper in about an hour.

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