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Thursday, July 21, 2005
another HOT day
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Man has it been hot lately. Today they said with the humidity factored in it was 105 and in the sun that would be 115. Nasty stuff. Luckily I stayed inside most of the day. I did go get my hair cut and to the dollar store to get some hair mousse. I cooked out on the grill tonight and was sweating up a storm by the time I got done.

Just finished watching big brother 6. Eric is so irritating. I am glad Kasar won and hopefully he will put up Eric next week.

I checked everything out for tomorrow. My outfit is pressed and my resume is in order. I figure I need to leave here around 12 to be there on time. I am a little nervous but not quit as nervous as I was at Mercy. Mainly because, I already have a job offer. I doubt they will tell me right away if I have the job, but I will try to figure out an appropriate way to tell them that I have another job offer and I need to know as soon as possible.

I suppose I should hit the sack...tomorrow may be a long one...later

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005
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Opps, I knew I would have a problem with this journaling thing. Seems I missed a few what has happened since saturday.

Spent the day, after church, printing out resumes, references, making copies of my letters and trying to figure out what I would say and ask during the interviews.

Interview day...I was a nervous wreck. At least it was a bit cooler so that helped some. My interview with Carey went well. I think she liked me. Then I was sent up to 9S to interview with Terri. She was very informative and I felt we fit pretty well. I think I could work for her. I am a bit more nervous about the working conditions. It seems quite claustrophobic and not as organized as Methodist was. But then on the other hand there were aspects that were better than methodist, like having supplies right outside the room. No computer charting here for the moment, sounds like it will be coming in a little over a month tho. So I guess I would be learning with everyone else.

Then it was on to 7N and Dori. I didn't feel that interview went as well. It was short and she didn't ask me very many questions. I think I got off on the wrong foot somewhere. 7 was a bit more organized and seemed more open not sure why. But 7 has more pulmonary type patients and not sure I want to deal with mucous...*bleck*

Not much happened today, just rested up from monday and that stress. I did write thankyou notes to all my interview people and then wrote Methodist HR and asked what was going on with my application there.

Today starts the nerves again. First Methodist oncology floor calls and schedules an interview for friday. This is the one I wanted...I think....Do I really? People sick, dying, vomiting, irritable, dangerous I really want this? Can I do this?? *BIG BREATH* Then in the afternoon, Mercy calls. I have the job on 9S if i want it. Oh God what do I I take it and give up on Methodist? or do I give up the job and hope I get something at Methodist? So I told her that I couldnt' say yes right now and that I have another interview on friday. She gave me until monday to decide. Guess that way I can at least see what Methodist has to offer and whether I want to gamble on it or not.

Ok that catches me up. I did make an appt tomorrow to get my hair cut. It is getting kinda stringy. I probably should also call the doc tomorrow and see about an appt. My b/p has been high for awhile now and I can't seem to get it down. I don't want to go to Mercy for a physical and have them turn me down for it. hmm.....does that mean I have decided??

Oh guess I didn't tell you....the Mercy job would be 12's..7-7 day/night rotation. That means 6 days out of the month I wouldn't see Allan. But Methodist I think is nights, so I wouldn't be home to sleep with him at all. Oh so many decisions, I know in a year I will think this is all so silly....but right now it is sooooooo stressful.

Guess I had better get off to bed.....

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Saturday, July 16, 2005
getting ready
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Today was spent finding something to wear for the interview. I went to several different places looking for a shirt for my linen suit, or a black jacket...ended up with a new pantsuit. It looked cool and only cost 37 dollars. I came home and was printing off my resume....oppps...hope no one looked real close at it. I found several little errors mainly punctuation/spelling/spaces that kinda stuff. I am not real sure when I actually got my EMT-B. I put down one date but I think it was a year earlier now. Guess I'll print off a few copies of the corrected resume and give them to them if they want them. I need to make a few copies of my letters from Brad, Michelle and Mia. Not sure what I want, I want a good job and hopefully where ever I go it will be good.

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Friday, July 15, 2005
What to wear......
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Opps, I didn't get in a post yesterday. I ran up to Ames and stopped at Heartland to talk to some of the seniors. It was good. There were still seniors that remembered me. A few more years and that probably won't be so. I also dropped off some clothes at Goodwill and some popcans at the recycling center.

Today: I finally got a call for an interview. Mercy called told me that the positions I had applied for were filled but wanted to know if I was interested in one on one of the tele floors. I said yes and now I have an interview on monday.

So now I have to get myself pulled together. Allan and I ran down and got my reference paper from Mia and ate at Golden Corral. Tummy is full now...*GRIN* Now I need to make up some cover letters and print everything off, make a nice little package for the interviewers. And what to wear?? Wish I was 30 lbs ligher, I prefered the clothes I had then to what I have now. They told me that the interview would last up to 3 hours. So I need something fairly comfortable. Carey will interview me first and then take me to 9S and 7N. I'm excited and nervous. I was hoping Methodist would be calling so I could interview there about the same time. That way I could compare the two hospitals. Oh well least I have done my clinicals at Methodist. Maybe tomorrow I will go see if I can find some better interview clothes....hmmm...what to wear.....what to wear...

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005
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Family, ya gotta love 'em, LOL. We just spent the afternoon at Aunt Alma's house sorting out junk. She periodically talks about going to assisted living and when she does she will have to get rid of stuff. And guess who really will be getting rid of stuff for her..*weak smile* So we want to see what we can clean out of there while we can. So today we started upstairs in Grandma's old bedroom. We went through dressers, some sweatshirts, Norwegian sweater, a bunch of Millies clothes. Well we can't get rid of Millies clothes, Alma might use them some day. Can't get rid of the piles of fabric, cause she might use them some day. But we did get some books out of there and a few nighties and we organized some of the norwegian stuff into the cedar chest. Then we went downstairs and went through some barrels. BUNCH of quilts, feather, wool, decorative, you name it. Found out a couple of the decorative quilts were actually Ruths. Then I gave up and started to take pictures of furniture, chests, pictures, norwegian stuff, anything that I thought might be valuable. We found a pair of little wooden shoes in the backroom. Alma said they were hers. She got them during the war and everyone in her plattoon signed them. That was cool. Anyway we are going to take those pictures and put some little blurb with them and have someone put it on a website, that way everyone can see and enjoy them. Also when the time comes, we can figure out someway to fairly distribute it. Barb is thinking a lottery. I don't know what I would want. I love Grandmas rocker, the norwegian chests are neat tho. Some of the furniture is neat but doesn't remind me of grandma very much. I probably could have gotten a norwegian sweater if I wanted, but I would never wear it. I do like the spinning wheel and i'm probably the only person in the family who has actually used one. Oh I don't know, we will see. There is a picture of the old family land back in norway, that is neat. We want to make copies of it so many people can have it. So much to do over there, it is going to take years to go through it all.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005
What to keep?
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Hey three days in a row, that is not too bad for me. *snicker* I started sorting through my clothes. I have a HUGE garbage sack full of clothes for the goodwill and probably will have another couple bags before I am done. I really need to be strong and toss crap. I want to keep some of the really nice things in the smaller sizes too, just incase I actually do lose weight. So my challenge is to not keep too many of those types of clothes, just the really nice jeans or suits. I have the same type of problem with my t-shirts. I should just get rid of some, esp the stained and worn ones, but gee they are the most comfy. But I MUST do it. If we decide to move I have to have some of this out of here. I am SUCH a packrat.

Otherwise today, I got my first rejection, the surgical nurse job I applied for. I am not upset, I'm not sure I could really physically handle it anyway. But I really would love to see some surgeries.

Wow, I kinda forgot I was typing on this. Average Joes is over, BB is over and now I am Rock Stars, INXS. They have some decent singers on there.

Ok, I'm off for the night, maybe more tomorrow?

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Updated: Tuesday, July 12, 2005 9:27 PM CDT

Monday, July 11, 2005
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So here I am again. I am a nervous wreck. I've checked my email, I've read my favorite nursing bulletin board, allnurses, ate my lunch and did a load of laundry. I should be cleaning some more but having a hard time focusing right now. I keep blaming it on not having any boxes to put stuff in. *snicker* Somehow I have a feeling that I'm going to be a ball of nerves until I've been on the job for some period of time. Right now I would be happy to have at least someone call and line up an interview. Well I do feel better after typing this, maybe I could do a little sorting..maybe. I'll probably be back later.

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Sunday, July 10, 2005
Endings and Beginnings
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Many times I have tried to journal. They were called diaries when I was young. I remember writing in my diary when I was 13 about my first boyfriend. It lasted 3 days. I tried again when my first son was born. I think I lasted 4 days. There might have been a couple more times but it never lasted.

Everywhere you go today they say journaling is good for your mental health. Well we will see. The plus with blogging seems to be that I can type my thoughts instead of writing them longhand. I can type wayyyyyy faster than I can write and my penmanship is atrocious. So I am going to try to do this type of diary and see if it can get me through the next nerve wrecking part of my life.

You see, I just graduated from nursing school as an RN. I passed NCLEX a couple weeks ago, got my license in the mail and now......a job. *gulp* School was fast, busy, hard, exciting and nerve wrecking. But after two years I had become use to it and I was good at it. In the last two years I recieved A's in all but one of my classes and that was an A-. I won't complain about that. My teachers and fellow students all complemented me on my knowledge and confidence. Little did they know I was shaking like a leaf each time I went to clinicals. I had nurses ask me how long I had been working as a LPN before. I must put some kinda air of confidence out into the world.

So this last week I spent getting references together, writting up my resume and looking for jobs. I applied at 3 different hospitals near here. All three applications were done online. Anyone feel like they are throwing their application into the wind by doing it online from home? Two of the three hospitals sent me back emails saying the recieved my application. So does that mean the third one didn't recieve it? I'm a wreck again. My girlfriend, Heather, says that I worry too much and to just relax. Ok, blogging is that relaxing? or just therapeutic? or just taking up time so I have less time to worry? Oh who knows and who cares. Opps, my pop is in the freezer, better get it before it explodes again.

ahhhhhhhhhh........good, diet caffiene free coke......just a bit slushy...perfect timing

hmmm....maybe this blogging thing is good. I totally forgot supper. One bad thing that came out of nursing school. I totally blew my diet and gained back all the weight I had lost 5 years ago. I had tried Atkins religiously for two weeks and lost 20 lbs, so I continued on it for the next 6 months and lost another 30 or so lbs. I felt great, slept better, had more energy. And now I'm back into this huge obese body. So last week I started back on Atkins, blew it on saturday and started back up again today. It is amazing how quickly I start to feel better. Hopefully I can keep myself on the atkins lifestyle for a bit longer than a week and then start walking a bit. I have a couple favorite sites that I go to when I am doing atkins. Atkins bulletin board and Atkins recipe board This looks like plenty for a start, so I think I'll finish watching this movie in peace. Later everyone

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